Wifi Water Valve by Ark Labs

Water valves have been very useful for commercial buildings and businesses when safeguarding the area but many have become dated. This is why business and commercial building owners should consider installing DRiY by Ark Labs. Ark Labs will make water leak protection much more efficient and allow owners to save time and money.

DRiY can be easily installed almost anywhere in a building and it immediately starts monitoring the water at a constant rate- allowing it to independently learn the system of the building. Due to this ability DRiY will immediately pick up on micro leaks or catastrophic leaks immediately. It will also notify your phone instantly in the case of a leak and will allow you to shut off the water from your phone- making it an efficient wifi water valve. The benefit of this is that owners no longer have to worry about leaks occurring when they are not present because they will be able to control it no matter their location.

There are many benefits of using DRiY as your wifi water valve but the biggest one is how economical it is. It allows you to efficiently cut back on water waste and control your water supply from any location. For more information on installing DRiY as your wifi water valve visit our website.