Wifi Water Shutoff Valve

Home shutoff valves have been an essential tools used in households that have let homeowners have control to their water supply. They have let homeowners stop further water damage and make repair more efficient. But the typical water shutoff valve is manual and requires the homeowner to be present in order to shut it off in the instance of a leak. So when water leaks happen when the homeowner is away this leaves them incapable of shutting off the water and preventing unnecessary damage. This is why homeowners should install the latest wifi water shutoff valve known as DRiY by Ark Labs.


DRiY by Ark Labs is powered by artificial intelligence so once it’s been installed it continuously monitors your home water system. It is also linked to an app on your phone allowing 24/7 awareness of how your water is functioning. Once DRiY detects a leak your phone will be immediately notified and you then have the ability to shut off the water instantly from your phone, even when you are away from home. This eliminates manually having to locate and shut off the typical water shut off valve in most homes because the artificial intelligence powering DRiY takes care of it for you.

For more information on installing DRiY as your wifi water shutoff valve visit our website at https://thearklabs.com.