Why You Need DRiY for Leak Detection

Every year enormous amounts of water are wasted daily. One of the greatest sources of water waste are common household leaks that are easily preventable. What could be prevented if each household had home leak detection?

  • The estimated 11,000 gallons of water wasted in the home each year
  • The exceeding number of 1 trillion gallons of water wasted each year in the U.S.
  • The 90 gallons of water that is wasted in one home by a preventable leak
  • Household damage by leaks in places like toilets and faucets


DRiY by Ark Labs takes home leak detection to the next level by using artificial intelligence to allow you to control your water supply from anywhere in the world. DRiY learns the water system of your home and is paired with an app on your phone so you can immediately be notified of a leak- small or large. This smart technology allows you to shut off the water supply even when you are away from home with one click of a button. With DRiY installed in each home the amount of water saved would be exponential.

Not only does DRiY allow you to immediately shut off your water supply in the instance of a leak but it also tracks your water usage. So you can see how much water you are using in a certain area and the time used. This data is readily available through your app and allows cutting back on waste and costs much more efficient.

For more information on home leak detection visit our website at https://thearklabs.com/.