Why Choose Ark Labs DRiY Home Water Monitoring System?

Ark Labs DRiY wifi water meter is the smart choice in home monitoring systems. In the past, homeowners had few options to combat the issues that could plague their plumbing systems. Sudden bursts and winter freezes had the potential to wreak havoc on homes, costing owners thousands in damages. Ark Labs recognized these problems and set out to save homeowners. They designed the DRiY meter to protect home plumbing systems by combining artificial intelligence with smart monitoring technology.

Operating out of Florence, Alabama, Ark Labs is a new contender in the smart metering industry. However, their product is innovative and effective, causing them to turn heads and gain well-deserved attention. This past February, NextGen Shoals awarded them with their Firecracker Award for how rapidly they were growing in the industry. One look at their product and it is easy to understand why. The DRiY wifi water meter can be installed on almost any type of plumbing system and owners need only download the app to use it. If a problem should occur, it can shut down the leak while simultaneously informing the owners. The device will also record usage data, giving owners forewarning of subtle leaks that can otherwise go undetected for months.

The DRiY system is more than just a preventative measure. It can also be a cost-saving tool. Owners can regularly view their data and understand exactly how they are using water. By fine-tuning usage, they can reduce their monthly costs and conserve water. This benefits homeowners and the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that some homes could have leaks of up to 90 gallons of water a day. These leaks can total up to over one trillion gallons of water lost nationwide. States like California are considering measures to standardize smart meters due to these benefits. The Association of California Water Agencies polled 70 agencies throughout the state to find that over 60% of them were planning to implement the devices.

Homeowners looking for a smart and easy solution to their plumbing woes should invest in the DRiY wifi water meter. It will prevent leaks, save them money on usage and repairs, and preserve the environment for future generations. Anyone interested in purchasing the DRiY monitor can learn more at TheArkLabs.com.