Water Stress Around the World

Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the amount available of the resource. Almost every continent is, to varying amounts, effected by the widespread droughts. This puts these countries at high levels of water stress. The resource is vital for irrigation, manufacturing plants, and to simply sustain human life. These countries that are under high levels of stress must find ways to conserve.


China has been dealing with ongoing water stress for decades. The country is heavily populated, and the demand on the resource is great. China is known for their widespread industrialization and major economic growth. These factors are a major influences on the water scarcity in China. Government officials have taken action and implemented a Three Red Line policy that will reduce the water wasted. The Three Red Lines is slogan is to ‘reduce, increase, and protect’ the water. This will allow the residents to be more water aware and help China with their water stress issues.


In Sao Paula, Brazil, they are facing its worst drought in almost eighty years. This is the largest city in Brazil, populating twenty million people. Their government officials have been funding several projects that are hopefully going to help with Sao Paula’s water scarcity. The first project, implement last June, is going to start to use the water from the River Guaio. But due to the drought, the river is extremely dry and the water flow limited. Another project, launched last May, is to use the water from the Billing Reserve, the largest in Brazil, to supply to the city. Hopefully this project, paired with water management, will be successful and will help Sao Paula fight its way out of the drought.


California has been in an ongoing drought for the last four years. El Nino has supplied the city with plentiful amounts of rain and snow, but a few storms are not going to save California. Numerous water projects and branding a voice for water awareness is going to help save California and the other countries fight their water stress. When confronted with this constant problem that has affected us globally, we are challenged to find a solution.