Water Pipe Leak Detection by Ark Labs

Water pipe leak detection systems have provided a great service to corporations and businesses for safeguarding the facilities. Many times though these detection systems may rely on an internal control that must be used when a person is present. The problem with this is that many times leaks occur when people are away from the business and unable to control the leak. This is why Ark Labs has designed DRiY to allow your business to be safeguarded 24/7.

The way that DRiY does this is by being powered by artificial intelligence. DRiY fits almost anywhere in your business and once it has been installed it instantly starts monitoring the water. It independently learns the water flow by constantly monitoring it. It is also linked to an app on your phone so when a leak has been detected it will instantly notify the app. Once it’s been notified it will let you shut the water supply off with one click on your phone. This allows your business to save tons of money from an increased water bill and damage that could have been caused.

There are many benefits to installing DRiY as your business’s water pipe leak detection system but the main one is how you will have 24/7 control at your fingertips. For more information on installing DRiY visit our website.