Water Monitoring Device Simply Delivering Peace of Mind

A smart water monitoring device like DRiY can be easily explained and broken down in three easy points.

It’s pretty evident that a DRiY device would be a great addition to several different types of buildings whether it be a condominium, a hospital, a school, or just a residential home.

Simply, DRiY by Ark Labs:

  • Learns the water usage in the residence with our cutting-edge technology
  • Alerts the owner when an anomaly is detected via the smart phone app
  • Owner can shut the water off in the residence directly from their smart phone

By learning the water usage of a building, DRiY is then able to also learn when something is a little off. If water usually doesn’t heavily flow at 2 p.m. in a specific area or room, DRiY will know that something might be wrong because it has learned the normal patterns of water flow at other times of the day. And it can learn your house’s water flow patterns or it can learn the usage patterns of an entire building that uses a significant amount of water.

By being able to detect an anomaly in the water usage patterns, DRiY can then send an alert through the Ark Labs smart phone app to let the owner know that something is off.

When an owner is alerted, they can choose to then shut the water off via the app or cancel the alert if they know why the water usage changed.

The technology advanced but the device is user-friendly and simple, and it is drastically disrupting the world of water, making it more efficient and less damaging.

Instead of worrying about water damage, DRiY owners can have peace of mind in knowing a device is monitoring their water usage and preventing any type of mishap that could cost them thousands of dollars.

More than anything, DRiY is delivering peace of mind in a nice little package with easy instructions in order to make the world of water a better place.