Water Leakage Detection System with Ark Labs

Ark Labs understands that businesses incentivize increasing their profit and cutting their costs. A common occurrence that happens in businesses or other commercial areas is unexpected water leaks. These leaks, depending on how large or small they are can leave your company having to pay higher water bills and fixing any damage that may have occurred. This is why Ark Labs has created DRiY, a water leakage detection system. DRiY is different than most leak detection systems because it is powered by artificial intelligence and eliminates almost all of the manual steps required to safeguard your company.

The way that DRiY does this is by being easily installed and fitting almost anywhere in the company location. Once it has been installed it will independently learn the water flow and constantly monitor the system. Since DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence it is linked to an app on your phone. The constant monitoring allows it to automatically detect a leak and notify your phone. Once your phone has been notified you can then shut the water supply off with one click- even when you’re away from the company. Allowing you to relax and not have to worry about returning to damage and a higher water bill.

There are many benefits to using DRiY as a water leakage detection system but one of the greatest ones is how much money and time will be saved by simply letting DRiY take care of these manual steps for you. For more information on using DRiY as your company’s water leakage detection system visit our website.