Water Leak Victims Need Water Leak Detector

You have likely either been a part of a water leak horror story or you know someone who has.

The immediate solution for a water leak (after repairing water damage) is to make sure it never happens again. So, most water leak victims go on the search for a water leak detector to ensure they never reap the ramifications of a water leak again.

A water leak detector may seem common, but there are not many devices like DRiY by Ark Labs that learns your water, monitors your water, and detects any problems, like a leak, to notify you through our app so you can shut your water off and avoid being a repeat water leak victim.

  • Machine learning

DRiY uses machine learning to learn water usage and water flow patterns so that it knows what “normal” is and can decide what “abnormal” is. Leaks are abnormal because more water than usual at an unusual time is flowing. That’s how DRiY knows something is wrong and lets you know so you can shut water off from anywhere you are in the world.

  • IoT

DRiY is a part of the internet of things because it’s an “every day thing” connected to the internet to make things easier and more efficient for users. DRiY uses WiFi to communicate with you when it detects something like a water leak. Then, after using its water leak detector skills, it uses a shut off valve to shut off water when you tell it to shut it off via the Ark Labs app.

  • Easy to use

One main thing a water leak victim will search for, as with any product anyone searches for, is a device that is easy to use. In the days of fast-paced schedules, no one has time to spare to learn the ins and outs of a device that can teach itself. Rather than teaching DRiY what your water does, it teaches you. And, there’s no difficult setup process. DRiY is very easy to install and you don’t have to tell the device which room is which, which appliance is which, and so forth. DRiY is a water leak detector that requires very little work from the owner aside from purchase, setup, and app download.

DRiY is the water leak detector of the present and of the future, protecting your property and giving you peace of mind, one drop of water at a time.

Stay DRiY!