Water Damage Sucks… It Really, Really Sucks

Water sucks… it really really sucks!

Remember the famous line from Waterboy with Adam Sandler?

Well, we don’t think water sucks but we do think water damage sucks.

“Bobby Booshay” and his “Mama” would agree on one thing – There is a great need for homes and offices and condominiums and hospitals and universities to have a preventative device to protect them from the terror of water damage.

Once water damage strikes, it paves a long road to recovery – that’s why it is so important to stop water damage before it starts.

Water damage hits you harder than Bobby Booshay every could have thought possible – it’s the guy on the field you really don’t want to go up against. But we are blocking that tackle for you.

DRiY by Ark Labs is your line of defense against the hard hitter that will knock you flat on your back. We want you to score that touchdown and live a life of ease with peace of mind, and water damage wants to steal that from you.

When you join the DRiY Team, you join a winning team.

10 Things You Need To Know About DRiY

With the combination of technology, machine learning and WiFi connection paired with efficiency and an easy-to-use smart device app, there’s no way to lose with our whole house water monitoring device.

We are working hard to continually improve our strategy and to continue winning against water damage.

Join the DRiY Team by heading to thearklabs.com.

Stay DRiY!