Water Damage And Its Snowball Effect

When water damages one thing, it damages several things – no matter where it happens.

Water damage is a major issue because of the widespread trauma that it causes. If you walk into a room that is water damaged, you’ll notice that it damaged so many different areas.

Water can damage precious belongings, walls, carpet, electronics, clothes, pictures, phones… the list goes on and on.

When water damage hits, it takes a lot of your time, too. You may have to spend time away from  your home in a hotel or you may have to relocate your office until the damage is repaired.

As for larger buildings like hospitals and hotels, if one room is damaged, it will likely affect several other rooms.

If water damages a hotel room on the fifth floor, it’s possible that the water could leak down to the lower floors as well – that means you’ll need to multiply money spent for repairs times five.

If water damages a hospital room, it damages machines, beds, and other furniture – that means one less room available for a patient in need. Again, if there are rooms below it, it’s likely that the damage seeps down into lower hospital rooms as well, damaging more furniture and highly expensive machines.

With water damage and its snowball effect, you can’t predict how much it will cost you or how much time it will take to repair because you never know how much damage it will cause until it happens.

The only way to be prepared is to take preventative measure when it comes to water damage. DRiY by Ark Labs knows your water and knows how much time and money it will cost you if something goes wrong with that water.

Instead of worrying about the snowball effect, you can stop it before it ever starts rolling downhill.

Water damage can be a thing of the past for homes, hospitals, hotels, and more with DRiY and its smart water technology.