Water Control at Your Fingertips

If you ever had a flood in your home, you know how aggravating it is to deal with cleanup, refurbishing, and the insurance company. Insurance usually wants every single item documented before they agree to doing any work. Even if you can replace things with similar items, you cannot replace the memories and meaning attached to those items destroyed in the flood. Ark Labs came up with a solution that allows you to control and monitor the water flow in your house. DRiY is a water detection system that monitors the water usage in your home and alerts you if there is anything out of the ordinary happening. Should you receive an alert about a sudden use of great amounts of water, which might indicate a flood, you can use a phone app to instruct DRiY to shut off your main water valve. You can protect your home with a touch of a button and erase anxieties over potential water damage.

Conserve water – Do you leave the tap running while you brush your teeth? In addition to protecting your home, DRiY’s smart water detection system can also help you become more conscious of your water usage. The artificial intelligence built into the water valve learns your water usage. When you review the app’s data, you can make adjustments in your habits to work toward your conservation goals.

Peace of mind – Have you ever wondered on your way to work whether you had shut the water off in the bathroom? With DRiY, you can simply check your app data and see if there is a deviation from your normal water usage pattern. If you did indeed leave the water running, you can simply shut off the main water until you get home.

Flexibility – DRiY is great for your home, but you can also use it as a water detection system in other types of buildings as well. You only need to install one valve per building. It is a useful addition to your greenhouse, your office, your business, a weekend home, or your condo. DRiY is battery powered and can be retrofitted to existing plumbing.

Keep your home’s value – The intelligent water monitoring technology can also help you keeping your home in good shape. Do you see a small, but sudden change in your water usage? Then you probably need to start looking for a leak. Fixing the leak right away can save you from costly damage that would happen if the water drip was undetected for weeks or months.