Using Water Technology To Change The World

Ark Labs has set out to change the world by saving every drop of water, one house at at time.

Water technology has been constantly improving over the last several years, and we intend to continue improvements to water technology with our DRiY device.

DRiY uses cognitive learning and internet connection to learn water usage and then use that information to improve water consumption patterns, prevent water damage, and change the world little by little.

According to the United Nations, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in water scarcity, and the demand for irrigation will jump by 15 percent. (Read more here).

If water scarcity is a problem, and a very serious one, we need a solution, and DRiY is your new solution.

Water technology is a very specialized technology that zeroes in on reducing your carbon footprint and changing the way you use water.

DRiY is a smart monitoring device packed with a remote shutoff valve that is empowered by artificial intelligence software. DRiY will learn your water.

Technology is used for communication, for security, for travel, for buying glasses, for taking pictures, and for thousands of other things, so we want to make sure water technology is an every day part of your life.

Our water technology allows you to install the DRiY device, download our app, and be in constant connection with your home and its water usage.

We are changing the world with our water technology by changing the way people think about water and changing the way we use water. By learning your water, DRiY teaches you your water and allows you to use less and save money. At the same time, DRiY learns your water so that it will know when something is off. If something is off, a leak or a flood could happen and your home and your personal items could be ruined. With our water technology, we make sure those things don’t become a part of your story.

DRiY’s water technology is above and beyond any other device out there, and we are steadily changing your world by saving water and preventing damage every single day.