Using an Automatic Water Shutoff System for Increased Water Security

Many homeowners can remember a time when they were anxiously looking forward to their family vacation to spend a week away from home in paradise. Before the family heads off they run through the house to make sure all the lights are turned off, nothing is forgotten, and check to make sure all kitchen appliances are off and no faucets are running. After this final rundown the homeowner can now leave and think about nothing else but this much needed vacation they are about to enjoy. While on vacation they spend time relaxing and as the vacation comes to an end they think about getting readjusted to their normal schedule and heading back to work. All to return home to find a glorious leak that has made a huge mess, having no idea how long its been going on for or how it even happened…. because they did their final run through of their home before leaving. They have a leak detection system installed so they can prevent leaks and shut the water off at home when a leak has been brought to their attention. Even with these great devices installed this homeowner is now worrying about costs for the damage and the huge water payment they are going to have to make. This is where most leak detection systems have failed, even if they do have an automatic shutoff this is usually by a switch in the home that the homeowner cannot reach when they are away.

This is why installing an automatic water shutoff system with smart technology is very important. DRiY by Ark Labs is the automatic water shutoff system to use.

Here’s why this is:

  • DRiY is designed with smart technology that is paired with a mobile app
  • It learns the water usage of your home and immediately picks up on changes- small or large
  • If a small or large leak has happened you will be immediately notified by our phone
  • You then can shut the water supply off immediately from your app at home or away
  • 24/7 control of water supply no matter where you are
  • Constant monitoring of your water usage
  • Readily viewable data from your app on how much water you are using
  • Efficient cutbacks on expense and waste

DRiY has taken leak detection and automatic water shutoff to the next level. So for more information on home installation visit our website at