Treat Yourself To A Life of Peace

When you see that a new product is available for your home, building, property, office, school, etc., you automatically want to know what it can do to make life easier.

We know all about making life easier at Ark Labs because that is really the whole reason we exist. We wanted to make our own lives easier with a product that provides peace of mind, and we want to make your life easier, too.

Sure, with DRiY, you can prevent water damage, you can save water, you can save money… there are a ton of perks to being a member of the DRiY club, but we think the best perk is the peace of mind it offers.

We preach peace of mind because we believe in it.

  • Go on vacation without stressing

Leave the stress at home when you and your family take a trip. There is nothing worse than trying to relieve stress with a relaxing trip and constantly worrying about what you have left at home. Fear of someone breaking in, water damaging the home, or a fire ruining your belongings can send anyone into a stress tailspin. With DRiY, you can have peace of mind in knowing that water will not damage your home or your belongings.

  • Enjoy date night

Whether you are married, dating, or even single, it is nice to have a date night with your significant other, your friends, or even just yourself without wondering what the kids or the pets are doing at home. When you leave your home and your kids in the care of a babysitter or a house sitter, it is nice to still have control over your home without being shut in it. DRiY allows you to monitor the water usage and cut the water off if something seems odd while you are away. That will give you peace of mind and keep the kids from flooding the bathtub while you are on a date.

  • Take a day trip

There is really nothing better than a nice day trip. And there is nothing worse than not living in the moment because you are worrying about what you left behind. It could be your house or your office or even your second home that you are worrying about on a simple day trip – and that can suck all the fun out of any day. DRiY lets you stay gone for hours at a time, enjoy a simple day trip, and be at peace with what is going on at home.

You should really treat yourself to a life of peace – it is much better than the alternative.

Stay DRiY!