The Water Leak Detector by Ark Labs

Many occurrences happen where leaks happen and go unnoticed in homes or businesses. Conventional leak detectors are usually installed but are unable to detect and notify the user immediately if one has happened. DRiY by Ark Labs is powered by artificial intelligence that eliminates almost all of the manual steps taken for leak prevention.

How it Works:

  • Constantly monitors the water system once it’s been installed
  • Independently learns the water flow of your home
  • Linked to an app on your phone
  • Collects water use data
  • Data readily viewable through charts on your phone
  • Notifies your phone immediately of a leak
  • Pop up button allows you to shut the water supply off even away from home

There are many benefits to using DRiY as your water leak detector and the main one is how instantly a leak is detected that allows you to control your water 24/7. This allows all home and business owners to have peace of mind about their water costs. For more information about using DRiY as your water leak detector visit our website.