The Outweighing Benefits of Installing a Leak Detection System

When common household leaks occur up to 10 gallons of water can be lost. Many times this water loss can be the result of an unnoticed leaky faucet. Once this happens a homeowner may feel compelled to search the internet of ways in which they can prevent leaks for the future. The most efficient way to prevent damage in the future is by installing a home leak detection system.

Disadvantages of no leak detection system:

  • Preventable leaks that cause long term damage
  • Unnecessary spending on higher water bills and repair
  • Time spent finding resources to prevent and fix damage

How a Leak Detection System Works:

Leak detection systems work by using sound and typical water flow in the home. If there is a sound in the pipes unfamiliar to the detector it will then spot where a leak may be happening. The system also detects changes in water flow which could be a sign of a household leak.  

Benefits of a leak detection system:

  • Immediate notification of a possible leak
  • Preventing long term water damage
  • Lower expenses on water bills
  • More time enjoying life and not worrying about annoying leaks and damage

Why DRiY by Ark Labs Stands Out from Other Leak Detection Systems:

Most leak detection systems work by picking up unusual sounds by water pipes. DRiY can also do this but it goes farther by using artificial technology that lets the user immediately turn off their water at home simply by using an app on their phone. Along with using the app for immediate water control, it lets the user track their usual water usage. It lets them see how much water they’re using as well as the time. With this information at hand, this lets users control their water usage and cut down on expenses and waste.