The Leak Detection Device for Businesses

Business owners have a common goal that is increasing revenue in order to have a higher profit. One of the ways they do this is by lowering their production costs and bills. Due to this business owners want to safeguard their business from leaks as much as possible so that money isn’t wasted on higher water bills or any sort of damage that may be caused by the leak. Also, many plumbing services may try to encourage business owners to repipe their entire system where only a simple leak repair will solve the issue. Ark Labs has created DRiY, the leak detection device so that business owners can have 24/7 control over their water supply so that they no longer have to worry about unanticipated costs like water leaks.

DRiY is a leak detection device that independently learns the water system and patterns of your home. It constantly monitors the water supply so that it immediately detects a leak or any sort of abnormal water behavior. It’s also linked to an app on your phone so when the leak is detected it will instantly notify your phone and allow you to shut the water supply off with your app. The benefit of this is that it allows the business owner to constantly monitor their water from their home. Also, when they’re not present at their business location they can still control the water since DRiY is a smart leak detection device.

The other benefits of using DRiY as your business’s leak detection device is that it helps reduce the non revenue water and it helps reduce liability- main elements business owners focus on. So for more information on installing DRiY visit our website.