The Latest Water Meter Leak Detector

Most water meter leak detectors are old devices that are located outside in a concrete box somewhere in the ground. These require learning how to specifically read the meter and locating it. For business owners these steps can take up unnecessary time so Ark Labs has designed DRiY. DRiY is a smart water meter leak detector that does away with almost all of the manual steps taken to detect leaks and measure how much water your business is using.

DRiY will fit almost anywhere in the business and it immediately starts monitoring the water at a constant pace. This allows DRiY to independently learn the water system without any commands like some detectors require. The constant monitoring allows DRiY to collect water usage data which is simultaneously transferred to the app on your phone. So you can always see how much water is being used- no locating a concrete box or learning how to read a specific meter. Aside from being a water meter, DRiY also functions as a leak detector. The constant monitoring also instantly detects a leak that notifies your app and lets you turn off the water supply with your app no matter your location.

The benefit of using DRiY as your water meter leak detector is how much time and money you will save. You no longer need to rely on the concrete box meter to see how much water you’re using. Your business also doesn’t have to worry about leaks as much because you can control your water from your phone no matter your location. For more information on using DRiY as your water meter leak detector visit our website.