The Latest Water Leak Detector

DRiY by Ark Labs is the latest water leak detector on the market and is making water leak detection even more efficient. It’s powered by artificial intelligence that eliminates almost all of the manual steps taken for leak prevention. Once it’s been installed it immediately and constantly monitors the water system. It’s also linked to an app on your phone so when an abnormality or leak has occurred your app will be immediately notified where you can then shut off the water supply even away from home.

DRiY is different than other water leak detectors because you can control it from any location, where most leak detectors require you to be in your home to shut off the supply in order to deal with a leak. The benefit of this is that you instantly save more money than if the leak were to go unnoticed so you don’t have to worry about irreversible damage and exponentially high water bills. Also, the water lost from leak contributes to so much water wasted in the world so DRiY benefits not only the individual home owner, but also the world around us by starting with on person.

For more information on installing DRiY as your water leak detector visit our website.