The Latest Method of Wireless Water Meter Monitoring

Ark Labs as a business understands how important it is for businesses and commercial buildings to safeguard their areas from water leaks. DRiY by Ark Labs takes leak protection to the next level by being powered by artificial intelligence and smart technology. Most water meter monitoring systems have provided useful services to businesses but they fail to protect them when no one is present. This is why business owners should install DRiY.

Once DRiY has been installed it will instantly start monitoring the system independently because it is a wireless water meter monitoring system. It also constantly monitors the water allowing your business to be safeguarded 24/7. DRiY is linked to an app on your phone so when a leak has been detected your phone will immediately be notified and will allow you to shut off the water supply no matter your location.

There are many benefits to using DRiY as your wireless water meter monitoring system. You will have peace of mind about leak protection, and will eliminate most of the manual steps taken for protection. This in the long run allows you to save more time and money. For more information about installing DRiY as your wireless water meter monitoring system visit our website.