The Internet of Things is making the world smarter

When everyday household objects are connected to the internet, they are then categorized into a group called, “internet of things” – IoT for short. explains how the internet of things is far bigger than anyone realizes and goes on to explain that these objects with sensors are gathering data and then leveraging that data to do a job that a “machine” usually does.

Rather than just connecting two machines – The Ark Labs device and your water valve – we are connecting our device to the internet so it can gather data concerning your water usage and then leverage it to recognize when there are issues and alert you.

The internet of things is changing homes around the world because it is making life easier and more efficient. It is relieving stress when  you go on vacation and giving you peace of mind every time you leave your home.

The internet of things uses the cloud and applications on your phone to let you know about the data it is gathering and leveraging. Your phone apps on the cloud are your gateway to seeing how the internet of things is working.

This shift to making our appliances, structures, tools, and so many other things “smart” is making our world more intelligent and more efficient.

When you think of all the ways water is used and by so many different appliances, it only makes sense that a “smart” device in the internet of things would begin to gather data that can make water usage more efficient in every area.

The Ark Labs is using intelligence to make the act of using and monitoring water smarter, better, and easier. The positive effects of the smart water monitoring device trickle down and branch off in multiple ways to make the world a better place.

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