The Instant Water Leak Sensor

The United States Automobile Association states that the two most valuable tools for homeowners to use when preventing water leaks are the eyes and ears. Ark Labs water leak sensor tool – DRiY, is the third most valuable tool when the eyes and ears are unavailable to identify common household leaks. According to USAA, the most important element for preventing water leakage is early identification. Early identification prevents irreversible damage as well unnecessary spending. What could potentially happen if the eyes and ears fail the homeowner in identifying early water leakage? Long term damage that may not be covered by homeowners insurance and money wasted that could have been prevented by the innovative technology of DRiY water leak sensor.

Many tips on preventing water leaks suggest a number of annual checks of areas throughout your home and paying for extra services  for unreachable places. After a while, if each of these factors were employed, this would end up costing the homeowner more than simply installing DRiY water leak sensor.

DRiY is a smart monitoring device designed to learn your household water usage. The device is also paired with a mobile app to identify the homeowner of water leaks immediately. The device contains a remote shutoff that is powered through artificial intelligence and is controlled through the mobile device. Along with the instant notification to your app, the system can simultaneously shut off the water supply. The constant monitoring system is compatible with all types of plumbing and can identify

leaks anywhere throughout your home. With that said, DRiY gives you the ability to stop damage from occurring even when you are not at home- when your eyes and ears are not readily available to be your most valuable tools.

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