The Drinkable Book

Due to the lack sanitary water, 1.5 million are killed each year from unclean drinking water. This global water crisis kills more people than tuberculous, HIV/AIDS, and malaria per year. Secretary of the United Nations states that, “more people die from unsafe water than all forms of violence, including war.”

WATERisLIFE created a sustainable book and the pages throughout the book can be used to filter contaminated water into potable water. The designer created a product that is easy to manufacture and is the cheapest option of water filtration in developing countries.

Each page in the book has an informative message that reiterate the dangers of drinking polluted water. When women are gathering water for their families they collect any standing water; they were not given the gratification to a filtration system that cleans their drinking water. The whole book can filter enough water to last the user four years and each page can last up to thirty days.

This ultramodern product can help thousands of families who are losing their family members because of contaminated drinking water. WATERisLIFE has already delivered thousands of personal water filtration systems to the people of Haiti. Women spend most of their days collecting water, just imagine if they could reclaim those hours. With clean water, lives are saved and communities transformed.

WATERisLIFE and the Ark Labs are giving a voice for water conservation and give perspective to communities that are unware of the global water crisis.

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Here is a video that shows how the WATERisLIFE book is made and its impact. Usually Pouring Water All Over A Book Ruins It In This Case It Could Save Your Life

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