The Commercial Remote Water Valve by Ark Labs

There are many remote water valves on the market made to protect commercial buildings and businesses from water leaks. DRiY by Ark Labs is one of the latest remote water valves and it is also one of the best. It is powered by artificial intelligence which makes leak protection even more advanced. There are many reasons why DRiY is the best remote water valve.

Reasons why DRiY is the best remote water valve:

  • Easy installation with no invasive techniques
  • Fits almost anywhere in the building
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Linked to an app on your phone
  • Instant and constant water monitoring upon installation
  • Allows you to shut off leaks from your phone-even when away from the business
  • Also works as a wifi water meter so no more depending on the concrete box meter  

The main benefits of using DRiY as your business or commercial building’s remote water valve is how much time and money will be saved. It eliminates almost all of the manual steps taken to safeguard buildings and stops leaks right on spot- protecting the building from extensive damage and costly water expenses. For more information on using DRiY as your remote water valve visit our website.