The Benefits of DRiY for Water Leak Detection

Here are just a few of the benefits of water leak detection:

Immediate detection– DRiY by Ark Labs is designed to learn the water usage of your home. Aside from regular water leak detectors that rely on sound, DRiY is able to immediately identify leaks anywhere throughout the home and point out exactly where the leak is happening.

Smart technology– DRiY is designed using artificial intelligence that lets users control their water system by a mobile app. Once a leak is detected, small or large, DRiY will immediately notify the user and allow them to shut the water supply off from their phone.

Control away from home– Since DRiY works with a mobile app that allows users to control their water supply, this means that they can shut their water off even when they are away from home. This is how DRiY stands out from other water leak detectors. Usual water leak detectors identify leaks for the homeowner but to stop the leak the user must be present. Many times leaks can occur when users are not present, like when a family goes on vacation only to return home to find a huge amount of waste. DRiY picks this up immediately and the user can shut off the water supply from any place.

Prevention-  DRiY focuses on prevention of water leaks rather than fixing damage that has already occurred. This is because of the smart technology used by DRiY. It learns the water usage of your home and immediately spots unusual behavior while identifying the source of the problem, and letting you stop it immediately. This allows for an easy fix and prevents unnecessary costs and damage.

Track water usage– Aside from the great features of DRiY it also goes another step further than most water leak detectors. DRiY monitors the water usage of your home and allows you to see how much you are using, areas where the most water is used, and the time spent using water in certain areas. This is readily viewable on your mobile app and makes cutting back on waste and costs much easier.

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