Taking Advantage of Technology

Far too often, we let technology and its incredible advantages pass us by without taking full advantage of how it can make our lives easier.

Technology allows us to monitor the security of our homes, our home’s temperatures, our music, our televisions, and a number of other things. And now, you can use that technology to monitor your water.

A water monitoring device is the newest technology for smart homes and Ark Labs is taking full advantage of technology by using it to make your world a little better and a little easier. We have created a device that is part of the internet of things, packed with a remote shutoff valve so you can learn your water and control your water with an app on your smart device.

Forbes says that some people predict that by 2020, the number of Internet-connected things will reach or even exceed 50 billion, which means our world is rapidly changing all around us because of technology, and it is only smart to take advantage of all of the benefits of technology.

  • Smarter homes

Smarter homes mean more valuable homes. Packing your house with technology that makes life easier will only make your home more valuable as a whole, and that helps you in the now and in the future if you want to sell your home.

  • Efficiency

Technology makes everything more efficient because it speeds up processes, deals with problems quickly, and makes your devices more accessible. A water leak detector and whole house water monitoring device like DRiY makes controlling your water, saving your water, and preventing water damage easier and more efficient because it gives you accessibility anywhere, anytime.

  •  Proactive Measures

Technology in your home and with your devices makes prevention and proactive measures easier. With DRiY monitoring your water and allowing you to shut it off whenever there is a problem, you are able to be proactive in preventing water damage in your space. Preventing water damage means preventing stress, preventing money spent, and preventing time lost.

Taking advantage of technology like that of DRiY by Ark Labs only helps and never hurts, so use the technology around you now. You can click here for some details.

Stay DRiY!