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Smart Home Technology Helping out Crafty Moms

Recently, it seems smart home technology is finding a home with every type of person ranging from the baker to the crafter. Many moms start crafting in the fall due to the chillier weather and the

Shoppers Willing to Spend More for a Smart Home

In recent years, research has continuously shown that having a smart home could potentially help people sell their homes faster. Buyers are mostly interested in homes that have smart home technology

Food Network Finds a Place in Smart Home Technology

Recently, when people think of smart homes, they also think of Amazon’s smart home assistant, the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s version of Siri. Since its 2014

Apple’s iOS 10 Joins the Smart Home Market

Along with the release of Apple’s new iPhone is their new Home app called HomeKit. HomeKit helps control a variety of smart home devices with the click of a button. Although it took longer than

Surprising Smart Home Perks

When it comes to converting your home into a smart home, most people just expected these products to make their lives easier. While this still holds true, many people are finding other unpredicted

Smart Home Staging Sells

People often purchase smart home technology on the notion that it will make their lives easier. Coldwell Banker also believes this notion and thinks smart home technology will make selling your house

Sensing a Bright Future for Smart Flooring

In recent years, it seems that everything is being turned into a “smart” product. From doorbells to coffee pots, companies everywhere have been getting involved with the new trend. The latest

Personal Assistants Bringing Smart Homes to the Next Level

While the majority of smart home products are currently controlled by smart phones or control hubs, many companies are exploring a new upcoming smart home trend- voice activation. Researchers predict

Keyless Lock Provides User Friendly Security Solution

As technology advances every day, more people are looking at smart home technology to make their lives just a bit easier. When it comes to smart home door locks, many fall short of actually