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Young Investor Designs Drought Solution

In recent years, South Africa has been experiencing its worst drought ever. All but one of their provinces are in a state of despair. While a local agricultural union has requested over $1 billion

Water Conservation V.S. Water Efficiency

While “water conservation” and “water efficiency” may seem like transposable phases, the two actually have very different meanings. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),

Drought Drying Out Alabama

Although California is the first state to come to mind when thinking about drought conditions, Alabama is currently experiencing some drought conditions of its own. Approximately 3 million people in

No Fun with Fireworks

With the Fourth of July, more people are visiting those firework stands to purchase supplies for their holiday celebrations. For as long as anyone can remember, fireworks have been a significant part

Ethiopia’s Worst Drought in Fifty Years Aided by El Nino

Nearly ten million people in Ethiopia have been affected by this rapidly growing drought. They do not have access to basic drinking water and the agriculture has suffered as a result of the limited