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Ark Labs Electric Shut Off Valve

Electric shut off valves have been widely used by many households and businesses because they have effectively stopped leaks and prevented expensive damage. Many times they can require complicated

Ark Labs’ Definitive List of Detecting Water Leaks

When to comes to water leaks Ark Labs has many conventional tips on preventing leaks but we also encourage installing DRiY to simplify this process for yourself. Water Leak Detection and

The Leak Detection Device for Businesses

Business owners have a common goal that is increasing revenue in order to have a higher profit. One of the ways they do this is by lowering their production costs and bills. Due to this business

Remote Water Valve by Ark Labs

Remote water valves are a great asset to have in a home or business because they can quickly and easily control the water supply if there is a leak. But many remote water valves require an internal

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