The Surfers’ Take on Innovation

Oceans are frequently used as a universal trash can. This is not only an eye sore but is dangerous to the aquatic ecosystem. Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski were saddened by the constant pollution that has been floating in the ocean. Their green thumb turned their grief into a solution for the ocean’s pollution. They have created a sustainable trash bin that sucks the garbage out of the ocean.

The trash bin attaches to a floating dock and uses a pump to suck the garbage from the ocean. The water flows through the trash bin and is filtered back into the ocean. The garbage is collected in an easy to remove liner. Another feature this trash bin offers is the filtration of oil and detergents from the ocean. This will prevent the outrageous number of animals that are killed from pollution yearly.

There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas floating in the ocean. These toxins affect the marine animals, disrupt the cycle of the coral reef, and deplete the oxygen content in the ocean. These two Australian surfers were confronted with a problem that now has a creative solution. The trash bin will lower these statistics.