STOP the Effects of Water Damage

Damages caused by leaking water in a house can be very costly. The danger of this unfortunate thing faces every homeowner, but it can be identified and prevented from happening if you have the right device. With a remote water valve, there is no worrying that a pipe may burst and water flood the house causing severe damages to electronics and furniture. As such, homeowners should make sure that the device is connected to their water system. This will not only prevent huge losses from happening but also ensure that the homeowner is in control of the piping system at any given time.

Effects of Water Damage

The following are the damages caused by leaking water.

  • Leaking pipes may result in growing of mold in walls and floors, where a homeowner will be required to pay experts huge sums of money for repairs.
  • The monthly or weekly water bill will increase by a big margin, meaning that the home owner will have unnecessary extra burden
  • Overflow causes damage to household equipment such as electronics and furniture
  • Water damage destroys the existing piping system forcing the homeowner to use a lot of money in repairs and replacing damaged parts

Working Principle

A remote water valve has a simple working principle. The device has three main parts namely the control unit, sensors, and actuator/valve. When there is water leakage, sensors that are placed in a strategic place identify the anomaly. They send electronic signals to the control unit that in turn activate the water valve to shut off running water.

Advantages of a Remote Water Valve

The following are merits of installing this device in your water system.

  • The device reduces water wastage
  • It prevent damage to property in case of leakage
  • It can be operated in from a remote place
  • It gives homeowners self-fulfillment, as they sure that everything will be as they were when they left the house

The Best Product in the Market

DRiY is the best water valve that can be operated remotely in the market. The device is incorporated with an artificial intelligence software that operates a remote shut off valve from any location. DriY takes seconds to detect a water leakage, where it sends a notification to the mobile phone of the homeowner. Regardless of his/ her location, the homeowner shuts off the water valve, thus preventing damage that would have occurred due to overflowing water.