Smart Water Monitoring Device Needed During California Drought

The drought in California has been the topic of conversation for a few years now, especially when it comes to the fines many residents have had to pay for water utilities that did not meet the necessary reduction in water as mandated by the state.

There was a 25 percent reduction mandated by the state of California in 2015 as they tried to manage one of the worst droughts in their state’s history.

Although California most recently suspended the mandatory statewide reduction, they still encourage local communities to set their own conservation standards.

DRiY by Ark Labs is ideal to prevent water damage in any situation, but it’s also ideal for the situation California is facing right now.

By having a smart water monitoring device like DRiY to monitor water usage, California residents can see how much they are using and prevent any overuse in a time when conservation standards are set and fines are being given out.

Since DRiY uses machine learning to learn each, individual entity’s water usage patterns, anyone can see their patterns through the Ark Labs app. By seeing patterns on the app, you can see the specific areas where, and when, you are using the most water. Then, you can make changes to reduce the usage and conserve more water.

DRiY is two-fold in that it prevents water damage but it saves water, too, so it’s perfect for hotels and hospitals, but it’s also perfect for our friends in California experiencing extreme drought.