Smart Home Technology Helping out Crafty Moms

Recently, it seems smart home technology is finding a home with every type of person ranging from the baker to the crafter. Many moms start crafting in the fall due to the chillier weather and the fact that their kids are back in school for all of the fall holidays. Since moms are busy enough as it is, smart home technology has strived to make their crafting life just a bit easier.

Two smart home products can definitely help out a crafty mom- a voice controlled home assistant and an automated vacuum cleaner. With a voice controlled assistant such as the Amazon Echo, crafty moms can ask for measurements without pulling out their smartphones, control the lights without lifting a finger, and change the temperature without having to abandon their project when it gets too hot or too cold.

Anyone who has ever crafted knows that craft supplies such as thread, paper, glitter, and beads can get quite messy. Oftentimes, the aftermath of a craft lasts much longer than the craft itself. With the use of an automated vacuum cleaner such as the Roomba, crafters would be able to finish their project feeling stress free knowing that they would not have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards.

As time goes on, more people are finding extensive use for smart home products, even crafters.

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