Smart Home Devices Amplify Water Efficiency

The average family spends $1,100 per year in water costs, according to Water Sense.

Almost every home is in need of water efficiency improvements, and Ark Labs wants to save the day, save your home, and save you money.

“Water efficiency is the smart use of our water resources through water-saving technologies and simple steps we can all take around the house. Using water efficiently will help ensure reliable water supplies today and for future generations,” according to Water Sense.

By being smart with how we use our water, we are helping ourselves, helping others in the present, and helping others in the future. Water efficiency is becoming more and more of a necessity for saving more water before it’s too late.

Ark Labs invented DRiY to assist with water efficiency improvements. A smart home device with whole house water monitoring abilities is the answer the world is looking for when it comes to water efficiency.

In a time when droughts and areas lacking safe drinking water are issues, we have no choice but to improve water efficiency.

By putting DRiY in your home, you are taking a step, no, a leap, to improve water efficiency for yourself and your family and future generations.

Water Sense says, “Less water going down the drain means more water available in the lakes, rivers and streams that we use for recreation and wildlife uses to survive. Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at safe levels, protecting human health and the environment.”

There is no downside to water efficiency. By monitoring your water usage with DRiY, you can learn how much you’re using so that you can put conservation habits in place. You are also ensuring protection for your home and prevention from water damage that will waste a large amount of water and a large amount of money.