Small Town Water Monitoring Southern Startup

I was just reading the incredible story of Nest from their blog about their fifth birthday, and it inspired me. (You can check it out here.)

It got me excited because the story of how they started sounds a lot like our Ark Labs story – hard work, staying hopeful, ideas, long hours, reinventing, details, fun, community.

Being from a small town like Florence, Alabama, most people don’t expect an innovative,  major product to  be created here. A lot of brilliant minds take their ideas and move to big cities with more resources, which isn’t a bad thing, but we wanted to do things differently.


Our CEO is from Florence and many of our team members have ties to Florence whether it be family or The University of North Alabama.

Florence is often referred to as a hidden gem because many don’t know about it, but once they find out, they can’t get enough. From the world famous music to the food to the talent, it’s pretty phenomenal that so much beauty is packed into such a small place. And we really want to expand on that by starting and growing an idea from scratch right here in The Shoals area.

An Alabama-based online news source wrote a pretty great article summing up things we often have to tell people about The Shoals. Check it out here.

Just like Nest said in the beginning, our product may be huge or it may not, but we have a feeling it will change the world.

The idea of a device learning your water usage so you don’t have to in order to prevent any leaks or other disasters that could lead to damage is pretty brilliant, if we do say so ourselves. And you can take it further by using it to conserve water.


We are proud of our device, DRiY by Ark Labs, and even prouder to say we created it right here in Florence, Alabama next door to musicians, designers, chefs, and legends.

Stay DRiY!