Slow Water Drips Damage Slowly And Majorly

A slow leak might cause water damage at a slower pace than a quick leak, but that could also mean more damage.

Take Beth for instance: She had a drip behind her wall that she did not know about when she moved into her house.

The leak had been ongoing for several years before Beth and her husband noticed damage to the wall between their kitchen and a bathroom.

The wall eventually caved in from water damage and they had to replace the wall. They also had to replace the kitchen floor and bathroom floor because the water damaged the floors beneath the wall as well.

With a water monitoring system, Beth and her husband would have noticed abnormal water usage patterns that caused their water bill to be higher. While it wouldn’t have been significant because it was a slow drip, it would still show anomalies with their usage that didn’t make sense for the two of them.

A slow drip kills slowly over time instead of causing quick water damage. But as it builds and builds, the damage becomes worse and worse, and you won’t notice until it’s too late if you are not using a device like DRiY to monitor and learn your water.