Shut Your Water Off From 12,000 Miles Away

How in the world can you shut your water off from anywhere in the world? We asked the same question.

So, we created a smart monitoring device that can actually shut your water off at your home, office, property, building no matter where you are… even if you’re thousands of feet in the sky on a plane with WiFi capabilities.

Millions of people google, “How can I shut my water off before it damages my house?” And we have an answer.

The answer is DRiY and it involves connection to WiFi, machine learning, and a remote shutoff valve that allows anyone and everyone to shut off water in any location from any location. Period.

Our CEO got an alert from his DRiY device through our Ark Labs app while he was on a plane traveling back from a startup conference in Portugal just a few months ago. He had the option to turn the alert off or literally shut the water off in his home in Florence, AL.

If he would have had a leak and was able to shut water off immediately, he would have saved thousands of dollars and protected his family and their belongings from potentially massive water damage. Instead of worrying about his home during his travels, he had peace of mind the entire trip, and then some when he received an alert and was reassured that a device was monitoring and protecting his home.

So, shut water off, eliminate water damage, have peace of mind, ensure safety…. word it however you’d like, but just know that technology is being used to improve the efficiency of water use and the protection of belongings and bank accounts all over the world.

Worry no longer about your water running your life. You can run it with a little help from a friend like DRiY.

Stay DRiY!