Saving the Planet One Bottle at a Time defines “Sustainability” as the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. When it comes to the environment, reducing pollution, conserving resources such as water, fuel, and energy, reducing consumption and waste, and protecting the ecological balance all fall under sustainability and going green. While sustainability sounds like a no brainer good idea, it is astounding how people around the world waste natural resources and upset ecological balance on a daily basis. That being said, companies and people are slowly taking a stand and attempting to do their part to support ecological balance instead of harm it.

Paper Water Bottle is one of many rising companies with sustainability at the core of its mission. This pulp packaging company is the 1st of its kind. With 16 patents worldwide, Paper Water Bottle is a company that produces compostable products as an innovative solution to wasteful consumer packaging. Made out of wheat straw, bamboo, husks, sugar cane, and bulrush, Paper Water Bottle uses over 80% less material than other companies. The inside of the bottle uses plastic to hold the water and the outside casing is what gives this bottle its name. Although it still uses plastic, it uses far less plastic than other bottles. Being 100% organic, Paper Water Bottle is clearly a company that recognizes the value of preserving our planet and its resources. Additionally, this innovative product is completely biodegradable, backyard-compostable, and customizable. Paper Water Bottle holds a plethora of options for graphics and design for companies and branding. The possibilities of this bottle are endless.

Although reusable water bottles are dominating the market, Paper Water Bottle is trying a different approach. Instead, this bottle strives to be an alternative to the plastic bottles companies currently use for their products. Instead of attempting to take away the option and convenience of buying bottled water, Paper Water Bottle wants to step in and offer a solution to the wastefulness of bottled water. Instead of getting people to change and asking people to solve the problem, this company stepped in and solved the problem themselves.

Companies like The Ark Labs and Paper Water Bottle are stepping up to the plate and solving problems so that consumers do not have to. These companies have committed themselves to a sustainability mission that is going to impact the earth and its ecological balance in a positive way. As stated on the Paper Water Bottle website, “We will help save our planet. Will you join us?”

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