Saddle up and save water

“Were you raised in a barn?”

How many times have you left a door open and heard that?

Well, some people (and animals) do spend a lot of time in a barn. If you raise horses and/or ride horses, you have probably spent a lot of time in a barn, and that means you have probably used a lot of water in said barn.

For one horse and barn owner, Paulakay Lane, water is a major issue. She’s not worried about leaving doors open, she’s worried about leaving water running.

“My horses are smart enough to turn the water on and leave it on, and that runs my water bill up,” she said.

Paulakay said her son accidentally left the water running a few days ago and immediately handed her $150 for the excess charges she’d have to pay – it’s a constant problem.

A water monitoring device like DRiY is perfect for homes, condominiums, apartments, nursing homes, and even horse barns. DRiY works wherever water runs.

Ark Labs is working to prevent water damage all across the world, even in places you may not think of like horse barns. DRiY can monitor the water usage in the horse barn and send an alert, via our Ark Labs app on a smart device, to the user when a horse or a person leaves the water running.

We are stopping water damage before it starts by cutting off leaks as soon as they try to creep in.

We know what a headache water damage can be – lost time, lost money, lost sleep – and we don’t want that for you or your animals.

Whether you own a barn, a house, an apartment complex, or a vacation home, you are at risk for water damage for you or your residents – which might just be horses.

Don’t delay in taking a very important preventative step that will save you so much stress in the long run.

Don’t act like you were raised in a barn – get DRiY and stay DRiY today.