DRiY by Ark Labs 3/4″ Cellular

Price : $349.00 + $9.00 / month

  • Cellular 2G and 3G enabled
  • Remote shut-off valve
  • Real-time water monitoring
  • Remote communication during power interruptions
  • ¾ inch
  • 110V power supply

DRiY by Ark Labs smart water monitor communicates with your phone to alert you to leaks and help you improve your water efficiency. In case of a leak, its remote shut-off valve enables you to turn your water off with your phone, even if you aren’t home. It is powered with machine learning software that allows it to learn how your household uses water for more accurate leak detection. Unlike a traditional moisture sensor that only detect leaks in a single location, one DRiY water monitor protects your whole house.


SKU: ARK-003

SKU: ARK-003