Prevent Water Leaks with DRiY

Water leaks commonly happen at some point in time for all homeowners. Some may be small or some may be large causing great household damage. Small leaks may be overlooked because it is not easy to identify how much damage and cost they actually can cause. Minor household leaks are responsible for a great amount of water waste individually in the home as well as nationally resulting in a huge amount of water wasted daily and annually.

Facts about Water Leaks:

  • A small leak can waste more than 90 gallons of water per day
  • 1 trillion gallons of water wasted annually to due small water leaks
  • 34 billion gallons of drinking water wasted due to small leaks

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After water leaks happen a homeowner worries about the extra costs and fixing the current problem, then how to prevent a water leak in the future. One of their best options is to install a home water monitoring device. DRiY by Ark Labs is the best water monitoring system to prevent water leaks in the home. Aside from most water monitoring devices DRiY uses artificial intelligence that learns the water usage in your home. Once something unusual has occurred like a leak or pipe breakage it immediately notifies the app on your phone and lets you shut off your water supply even away from home. DRiY even tracks how much water is being used as well as time and location. This makes cutting back on waste and cost even more efficient.

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