Plumbing Leak with DRiY

One nuisance that can happen for commercial buildings is the issue of plumbing leaks. Many leak detection devices have been useful to commercial buildings but they have become dated so Ark Labs has created DRiY to prevent plumbing leaks, as well as all internal leaks. DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence and smart technology which takes leak prevention to the next level.

When DRiY has been installed it immediately starts monitoring the water at a constant pace which allows it to independently learn the flow of the system. So this saves you time from having to make the device learn the water system like some systems require. Since DRiY is powered by artificial intelligence it is linked to an app on your phone which allows you to control the water supply even when away from work.

The benefit of DRiY in your business is how much time will be saved for other things. The fact that it uses smart technology means that it will cut back on many manual steps required for leak prevention by just allowing you to track and control your water from any location. For more information on installing DRiY to stop plumbing leaks visit our website.