Need Help Saving Water?

Why does American need to conserve our water? Although water is readily available in the United States, we still need to lessen our water usage. Freshwater is diminishing around the world and it will affect our country in the future. Here are some of the most effective and easiest ways to save water.

  1. Shorten your time in the shower. On average, a shower can use up to 2.1 gallons per minute.
  2. While loading the washing machine, make sure the load option on the machine matches the amount of clothes that you are washing.
  3. Water the plants in the evening or in the morning. This will prevent the water from evaporating at the peak heat of the day.
  4. Reuse the water that you used to boil your pasta. This seems odd, but it would be great to water the plants.
  5. Fill up the sink with soapy water to wash the dishes instead of leaving the faucet constantly running.
  6. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or lathering up your hands. If you feel like being extra water conversant you could collect the gray water that is used to wash off your hands. Use this water to clean the floors or wash the dog.
  7. Fill up a pitcher of water and leave it in the refrigerator. Now you will always have cool water and you will not have to wait for the water to cool off from the tap.
  8. Fix the leaks in your home! One leaky faucet can waste 3,000 gallons of water a year. Not only are you wasting water, you are wasting money!
  9. Invest in water-efficient appliances. Some of them can be pricey, but in the long run you will be saving money and water.
  10. Invest in a water monitoring device. In this day and age there are plenty of water monitoring devices that are tech-savvy. Making it easy and fun to monitor your water.