Mind-Blowing Virtual Water Facts

Virtual water is the amount of hidden water it takes to produce a commodity.  Most people do not consider this number when thinking about the production chain.  The numbers are staggering.

  1. A typical pair of jeans takes 900 gallons of water to produce! Do you really need that new pair of jeans?
  2. In India, the largest banana production in the world, on average a single banana using 160 liters of water.
  3. The worldwide typical water footprint for cabbage is 280 liters of water. In China, the water footprint for cabbage is 370 liters of water.
  4. The production of apple juice uses 1140 liters of water.
  5. This one might be hard to hear, one large pizza takes 1260 liters of water. The mozzarella alone represents 50 percent of the water on the pizza.
  6. One cup of coffee uses 140 liters of water.
  7. Fortunately, one cup of tea only needs 35 liters of water to produce.
  8. Two pounds of meat uses 15,400 liters of water!!
  9. The production of grains and brans requires 3,060,000 liters of water.
  10. You eat 3496 liters of virtual water daily.

Most of the water that we think we are using is visible, these facts show you that there is embedded water in almost every food product we eat daily.