Leak Protection for Commercial Buildings

Business owners have a common goal of maximizing their production in order to keep their profit higher while trying to minimize their production costs. One easy way of doing this is by ensuring leak protection throughout the entire building. Many leak protection devices have provided a great service but they have also failed to deal with leaks when the owner or other people are away. DRiY protects leaks even when no one is present to stop them making it one of the most effective leak detection devices on the market.

When DRiY has been installed it immediately starts monitoring the water flow and constantly monitors as well. The constant monitoring allows it to independently learn the water flow of your home. It’s also linked to an app on any mobile device so when a leak has been detected the app will be notified and will allow you to shut the water supply off, even when away from the business.

Many commercial locations will benefit from using DRiY because their business or building will possess 24/7 protection that will provide comfort and will effectively cutback on waste and costs. For more information on using DRiY as your business’s leak protection device visit our website.