Leak Detection Device

We live in a technology driven age where our smart devices can do almost anything for us making everyday tasks much more efficient. So why not use smart technology to simplify the processes in our homes? We should simplify the processes in our home to save time and money because those are two resources most people want more of. One easy step to simplifying your home with smart technology is by installing DRiY by Ark Labs.


DRiY by Ark Labs is powered by artificial intelligence eliminating almost all manual steps to managing and preventing water leaks and waste. The way DRiY functions as a leak detection device is rather simple. Once it has been installed it learns the water system of your home. It immediately detects abnormal behavior and leaks, once it detects a leak it instantly notifies your mobile device. When you’ve been notified of a leak you can shut off the water supply on your app even when you are away from home. DRiY makes water leak detection even more efficient for the homeowner because they have control to their water supply even away from home.

For more information on installing DRiY as your home leak detection device visit our website.