Latest Water Meter for Homes

Water meters have provided excellent assistance to home water protection but typical water meters can take up extra time to locate and read it. DRiY by Ark Labs is an advanced home water meter that simplifies the process on ensuring home water protection.

Characteristics of regular water meters:

  • Located in the ground outside the home
  • Manual shutoff and location
  • Numerical measurements that can be complicated to understand
  • Professional services reading the meter deciding how much to charge you

Characteristics of DRiY by Ark Labs

  • One time installation almost anywhere in your home
  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • Linked to an app on your mobile device
  • Constant water monitoring
  • Immediate notification of leaks to your phone
  • Access to shut off water supply from phone when leak is detected
  • Water usage readily viewable as charts on your phone- doing away with the necessity of professional services to check your water usage

For more information on installing DRiY for your home water meter visit our website.