Know Your Water Better To Make Life Better

You know yourself like the back of your hand, so it’s time you know your water like the back of your hand, too.

Water is used for so many different important things, and it’s one of the most vital resources for all types of life on Earth. We use water for thermoelectric power, irrigation, crops, making food, recreation, drinking, and the list goes on.

With it being such a necessary part of daily life, it’s important that we know our water and how it’s being used.

Water Sense recommends looking at your water bill to understand your water use more, but we are going a step further at Ark Labs. We are looking at water use patterns with our device, DRiY. DRiY learns your water use patterns with machine learning and shows you that data with our Ark Labs app.

Instead of just seeing how much you pay each month, you can see what you are paying and why you are paying. You can see which areas you are using the most water in and you can detect if there’s a problem that needs to be solved in order to reduce water consumption and money spent.

When we better know our water, we better know our lives in general, since daily life requires water. If we know we will always need water, we should be taking action to conserve more water and ensure massive amounts of water aren’t being wasted due to leaks and drips.

DRiY prevents those leaks and drips that lead to water damage and show us how we can better conserve water for ourselves and for future generations.

More and more water is becoming polluted, which makes it impossible to drink. If we start saving now, we can make a huge difference.

DRiY is here to help make that difference and save you money and headaches that come from water damage. DRiY and peace of mind go hand in hand in so many ways.

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