Innovative Toilet Turns Waste into Clean Water and Power

Developed in response to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, the Nano Membrane Toilet has the potential to change the world. Although still under development, this toilet will have the ability to treat human waste without energy or water. In fact, this toilet creates both clean water and power through its innovative technology.

The way the toilet works is actually quite simple. As a waterless toilet, the Nano Membrane Toilet flushes by using a rotating mechanism. The rotator transports waste into a sedimentation chamber that keeps odors from escaping. Solid waste settles at the bottom of the chamber and liquid waste floats to the top. From there, water is filtered through a nanotech membrane that separates vaporized water from the rest of the waste. The vaporized water travels through another chamber that helps the water condense into a collection area. The water can then be collected for tasks such as washing clothes or watering plants.

The solid waste will be incinerated leaving only ash and energy. Ash can be used for farming and the energy will power the filtering process for the water and will also be able to charge small devices such as cell phones.

With more than a billion people in the world still lacking access to a safe and sanitary toilet, the Nano Membrane Toilet has the ability to revolutionize these parts of the world. Once fully developed, the toilet will be trialed in Africa. If the toilet is as successful as it sounds, it will then be developed for other uses such as the military or outdoor events to replace the Port-A- Potty.

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